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Live music video samples and self-produced demo recordings for your enjoyment.

“Call” (Demo)

“Not For You to Know” (Demo)


Henry White – Growing Music Industry Professional

This page acts as my Electronic Press Kit. Take a read.


After beginning a musical performance journey 15 years ago, which included 600 performances and a 6-year hiatus from consistent professional music work, I’m ready to go bigger.

Bigger means the popular music market. Whether its a solo acoustic performance or with a full band, the original and cover songs are for large and not-quite-as-large audiences, whether live or recorded. Bigger means a great brand, great partnerships with music businesses, and great fans. Fans can expect to interact with me through many online and live mediums, so that we can all create the biggest music community possible.

I founded an alternative rock band in 2001 that went on to release 2 full length albums. The debut album was nominated for two awards at a peoples choice awards show. The band performed over 150 times in Western Canada for over 10,000 people. Our notable bookings included Trooper, Jars of Clay, Family Force 5, and Kutless. Much of my experience in the music industry has come from training and networking from this group.

In the time that I decided to build my early music career, I got really involved in the business, management, and education sides of the music industry. The Gospel Music Association of Canada had me stage manage their annual awards show one year. Over 100 students have come through the guitar and vocal studios that I’ve taught at, and some of them went on to be recording artists themselves. I have also directed music programs at churches, and do marketing consulting for artists.

Music Samples

“Call” (Demo)

“Not For You to Know” (Demo)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you play and who do you play for?

I’m based in Calgary Alberta Canada, and I play at live music venues, coffee houses, parties, churches, houses: basically anywhere. I play music for public events, corporate events, weddings, church services, private events, fundraising events, promotional events. Lots of events.

Will you come for free? It’ll be great exposure.

I value what I do, so I never look at what I do as being ‘free’ or ‘cheap’. I generally don’t even want an audience to think they’re getting a ‘free’ product. I want your event and my music to both to look like they’re valuable. There are many ways to bill and profit from a concert, so lets talk about it. I’d be glad to consult with you on how to run a profitable event. I’m here to work with you.

When you come, will you act like a self-centered rock star?

I consider myself a business professional who loves to inspire people. My job is to build audiences around influential artistic expression, and to share those audiences with you. I work hard to add value to events for the audience.

Do you require really specific equipment?

I’m happy to consult with you on equipment for your event or venue. I perform solo, with a bass guitarist and drummer, and with random friends if the situation calls for it.



If you require more information or promotional material for your next event with me, please contact me.