Guest Group Vocals on a New Record


Friends: Lauren Mann has a new record, and I got to experience in a unique way.

The reason this is extra special to announce is that last year they did an open call to musician friends to come sing in the studio for the record, and I was excited to volunteer.

That’s what I wanted to write about: I was excited to volunteer. I really value music people who operate as music businesses with integrity, humility, and structure. Lauren and Zoltan have tried and persisted in bringing their best values into their music business, and they choose to operate in them. I’m sure their journey has led to failures too, but they consistently look for rigid integration of their personalities into their product.

With that in mind, I generally don’t feel the need to volunteer for every persons music project, and I like to stand by that. It lines up with my values as a music business. When I looked at the value of what they add to the music industry, not just as creators, but business people, it made sense. They are part of the successful minority in my opinion.

They’re doing something that is realistic to music in Canada in 2016, and that’s not normal.

I’m excited to invest in artists that operate this way.

Thank you for letting me sing on your record.